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The information from the application helps our staff to assess student needs and family commitment. Once complete, we schedule an interview which allows our staff get to know the student while helping the family get to know our school better.  Interviews will be held last Tuesday of each month, Feb. – May. 

AVC will create an early admittance list, a bubble list and a waitlist. 

Students on the bubble will be notified before summer whether they are admitted or on the wait list for the next enrollment period. 

Every hexter (a six week semester) is a new enrollment period for AVC, August through January.

  1. Complete the AVC application or you may download the application, fill out and either drop off or scan and email to Joanne Fletcher.

  2. If completing a in-district transfer, please fill out the following Admin Transfer Form and email to Joanne Fletcher.

  3. Once the application is complete, AVC will call to schedule a student shadow experience and an interview.  (if a shadow experience is not available, AVC will coordinate a phone call with a current student)

  4. Once the interview is complete, the enrollment contract and timeline will be explained. See the following Interview Prep Guide.

  5. Families will be notified if they are on the early admittance list, the bubble list or the waitlist.  

  6. Students on the bubble list will be notifiedbefore the next enrollment period if they are admitted or on the waitlist for the next enrollment period (enrollment occurs every six weeks between Aug and Jan)

  7. For more information, please call 719-234-6200.