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Innovative and Involved 

“I wish I came to Aspen earlier.” We hear this frequently at Aspen Valley Campus. Regardless of past experiences, we know that every middle and high school student can be successful with the right opportunities. At Aspen Valley, students grow into the individuals they’re meant to be.  Find out more about us.

Aspen Valley Culture

Some students find success in different ways. We provide a personal environment for students to succeed, with smaller classroom sizes, restructured semesters and a more personalized setting. Academic Culture

Aspen Valley Campus Application Process

Because of the unique resources at Aspen Valley Campus (AVC), students must go through an application process for admittance. Get the details on applying.

AVC Application

Aspen Valley Campus Fees

The student fee schedule lists costs associated with clubs, activities, athletics and other course fees. Student fee details.

Aspen Valley Campus Handbook

Our parent / student handbook details information like attendance policies, arrival and departure times, behavior expectations, dress code and much more. Handbook details.

Acknowledge Handbook on Infinite Campus