Hexter 3 Newsletter from The Principal

Dec 20th, 2019

Happy Holidays!

We begin our longest mid-year break and hope the time away will provide an opportunity for
reflection and resolutions for our second half.  We recognize the holidays and long breaks can
cause more anxiety and stress for some students.  Some of those behaviors were present already this
hexter. For some of our staff, this hexter has been a difficult time as many have navigated
personal losses and disappointments.

As I reflect on the last six weeks and start planning for semester two, I am able to see that
through our hardships, we have forged our bond.  Our mission is clear and we have re-committed.  As
educators, we fundamentally believe success can be found by anyone who has a goal and pathway.  
Aspen Valley is that pathway for the variety of goals our students have, and our staff provide the
mentorship to guide them.  Second semester is always an exciting time – a renewal!

Part of the excitement for semester two is the district choice window opening.  Aspen Valley is one
of just a few schools that are application based and we have started to revamp that process.  With
the guidance of our External Review Team early this hexter, we have created a committee to create a
newer, more efficient process for prospective students.  Combined with a new logo in the works, we
are eager to launch into spring!  At the same time as we prepare to celebrate our graduating
seniors, we will be interviewing new 7th and 9th graders!

As always, I appreciate your partnership and support for this small but mighty community of Pumas!


Upcoming events:

  • ASVAB testing for all juniors during the morning of January 14th.  This is an additional test to the SAT which will allow juniors to demonstrate proficiency in math and English

  • Love and Logic Way parenting classes are under way for both MS and HS parents.  Please let us know your interest by emailing, Leslie.Smith-Darling@asd20.org

    • Session Two: Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love

    • Session Three: Setting Limits Without Waging War

    • Session Four: Avoiding Power Struggles

    • Session Five: Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems

    • Session Six: Teaching Kids to Complete Chores without Reminders and Without Pay

  • Don’t forget about Coffee with the Principal (9:15am first Wednesday of every month in HS Library) and AV Advisory Committee (6pm second Tuesday of every month in HS library)