Application Process

How to Apply:
1. Contact Aspen Valley High School for information on how to enroll or attend an information night scheduled every six weeks. (Call AVHS for more information.) Seriously consider the student/parent handbook and your commitment.
2. Obtain an application packet and a copy of our student/parent handbook and carefully review both before applying.
3. Complete the application, leaving no spaces blank.
4. Students, please write an essay in your own words that addresses the following: (parents, please do not proofread, we use this to help determine writing needs.)
a) Describe your personal background.
b) What does the word “commitment“ mean to you and what commitments do you need to make to be successful in school?
c) Briefly describe the last time you experienced success in a school environment and why
d) Why have you chosen to apply at Aspen Valley High School and how can we meet your needs?
e) Describe your strengths and weaknesses?
f) Attach your essay to the completed application and return it to AVHS.
5. Collect and submit the following documents to AVHS:
• Copies of transcripts (including current in progress course grades)
• Current class schedule (when school is in session)
• Standardized test scores (CSAP, ACT, Scantron, etc.)
• Discipline history (with explanations)
• Attendance summary
• Letter of recommendation (from a non-family member)
6. If you have an IEP, contact AVHS, for more information.
When all the materials have been received, a staff member from AVHS will contact you for an interview. Both parent and student must attend this interview. During the interview the administrator or designee will talk with the student to explore the possibility of enrolling at AVHS. Upon completion of the interview, the school will decide whether Aspen Valley can meet the needs of the student and whether we can develop an appropriate academic program.