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Welcome to Aspen Valley High School. 
Aspen Valley is a unique community offering close mentoring and accountability, small class sizes, a focus on mastery of course content and closing learning gaps, and experiences that help prepare students to take their next steps following graduation.
Everyone knows everyone here, and everyone is responsible for everyone here.  We believe that we rise as one and that we are each other’s keeper.  Students are expected to work hard on their own academics and personal growth.  They are expected to work equally hard on helping their classmates to succeed as well.
Students who are committed to turning their academic and/or personal lives around will find incredible support at Aspen Valley.  Each student has a mentor teacher who they meet with daily during Puma period.  Mentor teachers help students monitor their academic status twice weekly, recording that information in the student’s planner for parents to see.  Mentors are also there to turn to if a student needs advice on personal matters or an advocate to help them resolve a problem.  We also build time for tutoring and academic support into our schedule twice a week.  Students who need one on one help or just quiet time to get work done have that opportunity on Tuesdays and Friday afternoons.  No student ever goes without the help they need.
Students who are interested in applying to Aspen Valley must be willing to make a commitment to change.  That commitment might be to start attending classes regularly – no excuses.  That commitment might be to go home and do homework, and then turn it in on time – no excuses.  That commitment might be to treat others well, with kindness and respect – no excuses.  At Aspen Valley we believe that our students are capable of remarkable things.  We believe this because every day our kids prove it to us, and themselves.
Interested?  Feel free to call us at 234-6000 to arrange a meeting or ½ day shadow with one of our students.
Best regards,
George Stone, Principal
Aspen Valley High School